Promotional Pens Top Tips

15th March 2017

Promotional pens top tips

Promotional pens top tips to help you get more from your campaign.

How a promotional pen points to successful brand awareness

There’s an age-old dilemma of finding a product with the mass appeal which an individual will value.
How do you stand out in the market?

What is your USP?

How do you keep your brand or message in the minds of others?

Back to basics…
Pick a promotional product which has broad appeal, regardless of age, gender and is relevant across all industries – the printed pen

Select a promotional product which is used day in day out, many, many times a day – at home, at work, at leisure – the printed pen

Branded pens and pencils are tried and tested winners when it comes to ROI and raising awareness of your company, cause or message.
For relatively small expenditure, you can have hundreds or thousands of bespoke branded pens at your fingertips for corporate giveaways and gifts. They are a go-to item for people every day, make then your signature merchandise. Despite the phenomenal growth in digital and technological advances, your customers, supporters, employees and associates all will be using a pen. Signatures are still required! A promotional pen will tick all the boxes for you when it comes to keeping your name, number, website and message in people’s minds.

Top Tips for picking the best promotional pens

Confirm your budget and number of items required – if for a particular event, trade show, exhibition – expected number of visitors. You do not want to run out.
Reflect your business standards through your branded pen – concerning quality, ethics (Eco-friendly)
Compliment your corporate branding with colour, font, design – or highlight the event, particular message through the printing.
Keep your typical end user in mind – will they choose a branded pencil, printed ballpoint, roller ball, highlighter or ink pen?
Your promotional pen has the potential to be used and seen by many, many people – existing and potential customers – so invest in the best you can – it is a valuable and powerful tool.
For fundraisers, for clients, for everyone – a quality promotional pen is a must for signing on the bottom line.

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