Exhibition and Tradeshow printed pens

21st May 2016

Exhibition and Tradeshow printed pens

One of the most effective tradeshow merchandising tools are the printed pens.

Long after the last visitors have headed home from the show or exhibition, (usually a little footsore, hungry and laden with corporate giveaways) the pen has a habit of cropping up again, from the bottom of a bag, a pocket or tucked into paperwork and hey presto your message is seen again!

The promo pen can travel miles and miles from the original exhibition centre where it was handed out – it has cost you little but its impact and longevity are priceless.

Tradeshows and exhibitions are undoubtedly a great way to build brand awareness. During the event having an effective display will generate footfall to your stand. Giveaways and eye catching merchandising are the key attractions for your business, then you can engage with visitors and potential customers, and build a rapport. Making sure visitors leave your stand feeling good about you and your business is crucial – a quality printed giveaway acts as a reinforcement and reminder of your brand – for that day and into the future. A pen or pencil is one of those everyday items which your customer will use regularly and sub-consciously recall you and your corporate message.

Top Tips for using printed pens at a tradeshow or exhibition:

Have a pre show, at show and post show printed pens strategy

Post your pens to existing and new leads beforehand inviting them to your stand at the event

Use printed pens as giveaways throughout the event

Then follow up on new leads and reinforce your customer engagement afterwards by sending out your promo pens to show visitors.

One tool – your branded pen = three opportunities.

If you want visitors to complete enquiry forms on the stand, invite them to take your branded pen with them afterwards.

Create an eye catching and easy to use station where people can fill in forms with pen pots and printed pens readily available.

If you are using printed pens in the run up to an event through posted mailshots or as gifts in the VIP lounge or press area – ensure you include your stand number so visitors will find you easily.

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A quality printed pen is a vital marketing tool to build your brand awareness at events. They really are the business!

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