Exhibition and Tradeshow printed pens

21st May 2016

Exhibition and Tradeshow printed pens One of the most effective tradeshow merchandising tools are the printed pens. Long after the last visitors have headed home from the show or exhibition, (usually a little footsore, hungry and laden with corporate giveaways) the pen has a habit of cropping up again, from the bottom of a bag, a […]

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Promotional Pens – Super Fast Delivery

17th May 2016

Time is money! Speed is of the essence. These aren’t just everyday sayings they are the bedrock for good business thinking. Like every business we recognise the demand for products delivered as and when you need them – even when time is pressing. Speedy UK delivery is one of our selling points as we understand […]

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promotional pencils

Promotional Pencils – Viable alternative to pens?

14th May 2016

Promotional pencils It’s one of the early writing tools of our times and often in our own lives what we first use when we learn to write, that is why a pencil is still regarded as a key implement today. Of course, it has evolved over the centuries and now you can choose from wooden […]

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Summer of Sport – Promotional Opportunity

11th May 2016

Is your business ready for this bumper summer of Sport Exercise your printed merchandising muscle over the coming months. There’s a busy summer of sport ahead. While athletes are busy training for the big events businesses can enjoy the ride and build brand awareness on the back of these exciting sporting occasions. There is something […]

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branded stylus pens

Branded Stylus Pens – A quick glance

6th May 2016

When it comes to picking your next printed pen think Smart – think branded stylus pens. Struggling to find the right style of branded pen for your customers? A smart choice for today’s tech-minded customers is to pick one of the clever, innovative stylus pens. We’ve come a long way since the days of carving […]

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fountain pen

The pen – a potted history

3rd May 2016

A quick tour of the history of the pen, development into the ballpoint pens we have today & how they became a top promotional product.

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