Mightier Than The Sword – The Power of Promotional Pens

21st March 2017

pen mighter than sword

Making the most of the potential power of promotional pens

We know that having the right tools in your promotional merchandising toolkit is key to building strong brand recognition.
We are aware that printed pens are a crucial element in this. So just why are they so effective?
With years of branding experience under our belts, we have seen the impact the humble promo pen or pencil can have in the competitive world of brands.
A simple name, logo, phone number or web address on a branded pen can act as the trigger – a timely reminder for your next business transaction as the customer or supporter contacts you for your next sale or donation.
Promotional pens have an uncanny knack of being in the right place, at the right time!
Hand them out at trade shows, exhibitions, fundraising events and they will be in people’s pockets, bags, desk drawers, offices, cars, homes before you know it. They do have the ability to travel far and wide – and with very little effort on your part.
You pick an ergonomically, aesthetic pen or pencil, and people will use them. They will be proud to be seen holding one of your branded pens. Job done. Message, cause, branding awareness shared.
Everyone is talking about the shared economy, sharing the environment, shared workspaces, so share a printed pen. The message on it will be as important as the messages the user will write.

Material matters
What type of printed pen best reflects your brand? Plastic pens, metal, pencils, highlighters, scented, multi-functional with additional stylus or light?
Consider colour choice, then full digital printing, spot colour, engraving?
Where to print? Our in-house design team of experts can help create the best visuals with printing on clips, pen barrels, or multi-faced pencils to maximise the message exposure.
Communication is key – you need a clear and concise message. Clean, crisp branding to stand out to ensure the recipient and user know what you stand for and how to make contact with you for further business or to boost your fundraising efforts. It’s all a little bit subliminal – your branded pen needs to be easy to recognise and yet instantly memorable and understandable. We can help you create that winning message on a huge number of quality promotional pens.
And if you’re in a hurry, don’t worry – we sell a range of pens which can be printed and at your required UK destination in double quick time – next day or three-day options are available.

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