Leicester – Home to A Winning Team

6th June 2016

Leicester – Home to A Winning Team

What a season! What a team! LCFC are Premier League Champions and Leicester is buzzing!

If you want a bit of the Leicester magic to rub off on your business, you’ll find the happy and helpful team at PromotionalPensWorld is a perfect place to start.

You have a business message or brand awareness campaign to build and we have the expertise and winning formula to maximise the effectiveness of your promotional merchandising.

What the fantastic Leicester 2015/2016 season has shown to our home city and the wider country is that success comes from working together. It’s not about individuals, it’s about teamwork – it’s not crass and corny, it’s true.

Why choose us?

So when it comes to merchandisers and marketeers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, charities, not-for-profit organisations – whoever you are and wherever you work we can help you find the very best promotional pen for the job you want – as a gift, giveaway or brand builder.

Top is a word which we keep hearing in Leicester so here are our Top 10 reasons to choose us for your next printed branded pens

1 Price – we wont be beaten (Just like the Foxes)

2 Express delivery options

3 No nonsense, we listen to your requirements and we meet your needs

4 Sales and design expertise and experience

5 Free product samples

6 Outstanding attention to detail

7 eXecutive and Eco pen choices

8 Excellent customer service 

9 Smart and scented pens for added value

10 A winning formula – Top team of experts to help you every step of the way

We stock all the leading brands to give you an unrivalled choice of pens to use in your next promotion. Let some of Leicester’s winning glory help your business, brand and next campaign shine. Contact us today.

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