Euro – In, Out or kick it all about

2nd June 2016

Euro – In, Out or kick it all about

This June it is all about Europe. It’s the word on many people’s lips for many reasons.

Whether we talking the In/Out Referendum or the 2016 UEFA European Football Championship – make the most of the promotional merchandising opportunities here.

Key dates:
The UEFA Euro 2016 tournament kicks off on June 10
The EU Referendum is on June 23

So now is the time to jump on the Euro campaign trail. Whether you are supporting In or Out, or the England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland teams you can spread your message and show your support on a promotional pen. Print your message for voters and football fans. Don’t miss out on the chance to have your brand or cause in people’s minds when they head to the polling station or sit back to watch the next match.

Admittedly your printed pens wont necessarily have a long life span after the event – but the ROI and marketing power are immediate and demonstrate how you as a business are on the ball and contemporaneous.

This may be one of the times when you consider our best value products.

Prices per promotional plastic printed pen can be as low as 13p per unit. With this low price point entry, you still enjoy all the benefits of our expertise and experience. Our in- house design team will create visuals will make sure your promotional pens really do stand out in the crowd.

Be a part of all the European action this June.

Need your printed pens in a hurry? Kick off and Referendum Day looming? Don’t worry, choose a fast shipping option from our express delivery products.

Good luck to all our home nations in Euro 2016 and whether you back Remain or Leave… here’s to a strong economy supporting all British businesses.

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