Branded scented pens – a quick glance

12th May 2016

branded scented pens

Branded scented pens

It makes sense…

Hungry for more business? Feeling peckish? There’s nothing like the tasty aromas of fruits and flowers, coffee, chocolate, bubblegum, toffee or doughnuts to whet your appetite!

Branded scented pens are high quality printed pens and are more than just a novelty, they are a fantastic talking point and great for reinforcing your brand and promotion. You will soon see they are a key ingredient in your marketing mix. Writing enters a whole new world with these scented printed pens, customers will be delighted by the amazing scents and aromas.

Mix and Match flavours according to your business

Here are some scented promotional pens to try:

Pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants – Erga Pura Pina Colada
Coffee shops, cafes and tea rooms – Pura Coffee
Homewares and giftshops – Pura Lavender
Cake shops and snack bars – doughnuts and choc chip cookies
Fruit shops, farmers markets or farm shops – strawberry or raspberry or watermelon
Florists – floral

Scented promotional pens are a brilliant printed pen option for businesses in the food and drink, and health and well-being, markets – they don’t quite count as one of your five fruit and veg a day quota but the aromas can make you ‘feel better’!

It’s not rocket science, the technology is fairly simple. The fingergrip is just impregnated with different flavours so they make a lasting impression on your customers. The Erga Pura range are made in Italy and the scent is guaranteed to last for up to one year. The scent does not impact on the quality of the pen and ink or the ergonomics.

A brilliant, multi-sensory printed pen is great as a corporate gift or quality giveaway.

Click here to see our full menu of tastes and flavours!

Scented pens are thought to have first hit the market in the 1960s but only recently become a realistic option for marketeers as they offer both quality and novelty for businesses.

Give them a try. Call us to check out the most tempting aromas for your customers. Scented pens offer a good sized printable area. We have samples for you to try, offer help with visuals and design plus fast UK shipping. It makes sense – give us a call and add scented printed pens to your promo marketing mix today!

Let us know which flavours are your favourites!

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