Branded Pens – original promotional tool

25th April 2016

Branded Pens are the a top selling printed item

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Branded pens are a tried and tested means to build brand awareness. It’s no gimmick. It’s a useful, value-added item for the end user – your customers. With today’s throw away society mentality, there’s a lot to be said for a handy keepsake. With every click or twist, your branded pen is a constant reminder for your customer. How many times do we hear ‘Can I borrow a pen’? Yes, granted, technology has made giant leaps and bounds, but the pen is here to stay.

Top tips for your printed pen strategy

Pick a style and colour to complement your brand

Less is more, keep logo and strap line simple

Stand out – be bold

Affordable giveaway or quality keepsake? Or both?

What does your printed pen say about your brand? Quality, long lasting, meaningful, inspirational, fun?

What pen type is right for your customers?

Consider your market and where your customers would use your branded pen

Office? Shop? Hotel? School? Outdoors? Factory?

Teacher? Tradesperson? Lawyer? Chef? Salesperson? Whatever line of work your customers are in, chances are they will use some kind of writing implement – the knack is to have your name printed on the one they turn to again and again.

Ballpoint? Rollerball? Pencil? Highlighter? Stylus pen? Lanyard pen…

Added value – if it’s useful, your customers will use it and your message and brand are remembered

Here are a handful of examples from promtionalpensworld, click on the names to check them out.

Coffee shop, cafe or restaurant 

Pick a Pura branded pens from our range of scented pens to promote shop in a stylish way.

For Conference centres/business centres

Laser Presenter pen for event speakers

Contour-I Branded pens for delegates – affordable and excellent quality.

Recruitment companies

Branded ballpoint pens for potential clients and job seekers for form filling

The stylish Electra is a great option here.

Professional services – Accountants/solicitors/estate agents

For signing on the bottom line, consider an Erga Thera Solid

As trade show & event giveaways

Why not go green with an Eco Recycled printed pens.

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