School’s out for Summer

30th June 2016

School’s out for Summer

End of term celebrations are fun and for some it marks the end of a chapter and the start of a new journey in September.

The pen is a fundamental tool for everyone working in education – in schools and colleges. Every student and teacher needs and uses pens so they make the ideal end of term keepsake.

End of term fetes and school fairs provide the perfect selling spot for these too. Right from the youngest nursery school children through to primary and secondary schools and academies, colleges and universities – they are great places to promote your establishment, your business, your charity, your cause.

You can celebrate the leavers, the past year’s successes, or look forward to new arrivals in the autumn. It’s a time to say thank you to the teachers and lecturers too and printed pens can make great end of term thank you presents.

And with the school summer holidays stretching ahead, there are brilliant marketing opportunities for sports clubs and summer camps and activities to sign up more participants. Advertise your upcoming activities on printed pens and enjoy immediate ROI as the pen travels far and wide spreading your corporate message.

Parents Associations, Student Unions, school councils can all have their messages printed on promo pens and branded pencils. Suppliers to the educational world – whether it’s books and papers, desks and chairs, sponsors of awards or uniform fitters can all benefit from using promotional pens in their merchandising mix at the end of the academic year, ready for the next.

Look at these options which are great value and have a wide appeal to all ages

Lanyard pens – You won’t leave your pen on your desk if it’s on a lanyard, it’s always handy!

Multifunction laser pens are a great choice for lecturers and teachers. Board pens, highlighters, marker pens, white board pens as well as the good old fashioned no-nonsense ball point, roller ball and wooden pencil are fail safe alternatives

Happy holidays and happy business building!

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